What is it?

JobManager is a project manager for residential construction, specifically designed to be used by drywall contractors. It has a wide range of features that give your entire staff an advantage, which means better production for your company.

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JobManager manages your building projects

There are hundreds of pieces of information about any of your jobs. JobManager organizes all that information so that you can work quickly and effectively. Some of the features include:

A job editor containing tabbed sections for clearly organising all job data. Order forms (which double as count sheets) for insulation and drywall materials.
Unlimited number of customizable "Job Phase" reports for showing the progress of all your jobs. "Abnormality" reports that show which jobs are taking an unusually long time to complete.
Internal messenger system and live help desk support.

JobManager is mobile.

Any device that has a web browser and a connection to the Internet can use JobManager (phones, tablets, computers). This allows both your office staff and your field staff to have instant access to job information.

Supervisors in the field can fill out orders forms and hazard assessments, update job progress, and even add pictures of the job site if needed. Each supervisor also has a "My Jobs" report, a list of their own jobs, that helps them manage their sites more efficiently.

JobManager is secure.

JobManager has a standard login screen so only you can see your information, but it is also protected by security certificates (the same that are used for online banking or sites like Paypal or E-Bay). Your passwords are stored as hashed encryptions, which means even we can't read them.

Your account is backed up every hour during standard business hours (8am-6pm MST), and a copy is even moved off-site at the end of the day.

JobManager gives you the advantage.

By cutting days off each phase of your jobs, you will be completing projects much faster than before, but with the same quality and care that you (and your customers) value. Would your business benefit from completion times that are 2 weeks less than your competition? It is up to you to decide.

What next?

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